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The Economist Historical Advertisements – Objects Dataset

This dataset contains 191.994 identified object locations and classes for all historical advertisements from all 8,840 issues of The Economist magazine, years 1843 to 2014. We used a state of the art classifier to detect the objects: You will need this Master Dataset, as well, to work with the data.

Keywords: Advertising, Marketing, Historic, The Economist, Object detection,


  1. Filename: Unique identifier of the advertisement this face appears on
  2. Bounding Box relative X1: Left-top coordinate of a rectangle identifying the face on the page, relative to the pixel coordinates of the image from column 2 (“URLs …”) of the Master Dataset (which is related to this dataset by the unique identifier in column 1). Multiply this value by the width of the image to get the absolute x coordinate. If the ad is a multi page ad, the images from column 2 have to be horizontally concatenated first.
  3. Bounding Box relative Y1: Left-top coordinate
  4. Bounding Box relative X2: Right-bottom coordinate
  5. Bounding Box relative Y2: Right-bottom coordinate
  6. Segmentation confidence score: Confidence of the neural network algorithm that these bounding boxes represent a face.
  7. Size relative: 1 = Object covers all of the ad; 0.5 = Object covers half the ad.
  8. Detection class id (from Open Image V4): Class index for the detected object within the list of 600 detectable objects of the Open Image V4 dataset.
  9. Detection class name (from Freebase): Freebase MID of the detected object class.
  10. Detection entity name (from Freebase): Freebase MID of the detected object class – in human readable format.


Ammann, N., Knäble, M, Nadj, M., Maedche, A., Kluge, S., Gehrmann, L., Stahl, F.

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Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International


FilenameBounding Box relative X1Bounding Box relative Y1Bounding Box relative X2Bounding Box relative Y2Segmentation confidence scoreSize relativeDetection class id (from Open Image V4)Detection class name (from Freebase)Detection entity name (from Freebase)

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